Day 3 & 4 | Smells Like Old Spirit

afterlight The past two days haven’t been as adventurous as I would have hoped. It seems that locking myself in my room to watch all of the second season of “Orange is the New Black” has taken priority. In between binge watching Netflix and sleeping, however, I did get to explore my neighborhood a little bit. Edgewater is just south of Rogers Park and within Blocks of the University of Loyola. While I haven’t been able to explore all the cultural happenings of the neighborhood, I did get to meander my way around the near blocks which include a handful of antique and vintages stores, a meat market, a natural grocery store, and a McDonalds (obviously). I enjoyed myself far too much in the antique stores. They had some classic pieces of furniture and all I wanted to do was dress up like Brigitte Bardot and play house 1960’s version. I think I could host one bitchin’ cocktail party. Sometimes I swear I was born in the wrong time period. Being practically an only child raised by parents born in ’49 and ’58 had nothing to do with this, clearly. While in the store I discovered a new band that does a good job of sounding old. They’re called the Scissor Sisters. I’ve included the song above, take a listen! Those who know me won’t be surprised to know I spent around 3 hours in the store and left my house keys there..classic. This weekend I have my orientation with the Roosevelt Institute! It will be filled with new people, ideas, dreams, and more. I can’t wait to learn more about the institution and what I myself can bring to it as well as the Universityof Kansas. I will probably wait till the end of the weekend for a new post, so wish me luck! afterlight-3 afterlight-2 afterlight-4